Hospital Treatment Arrangement Service & Pricing

Many thanks that you have chosen us to help you to come over to Germany for a medical treatment or a diagnosis. You must be interested to know as to how we make this a reality! Here is a brief description of procedures involved in arranging for a medical treatment in Germany.

The first thing to do is that you completely fill up the initial patient information submission form available on our contact page.

Subsequently, reveice our confirmation email with a printable registration form, a telemedicine consent declaration, our service contract and payment details.
After a confirmation of your payment of the initial registration fee of EUR 35 you are kindly asked to make us available:
  • Operative and procedural reports
  • Reports of your primary diagnosis
  • Radiology images such as MRI, CT, X-ray preferably in jpg, bmp or DICOM format
  • A copy of the patient's valid Passport
Once we receive the complete documents, we translate and provide them for our expert team of medical specialists for an initial review (three pages of translation at no extra costs). Based on our team’s review and an expert assessment of your medical condition by one of our physicians, your needs and directives, you can expect our best service as follows:

Address-Only Service

Medical visa not required - We will be providing you with the names and addresses of 1-3 of the best German medical specialists for your specific medical treatment.

We consider your medical condition, desired treatment procedures and other directives while offering you these services. Both, the medical visa and the travel visa arrangements are up to you. In this service option, we don’t cover any arrangements for personalized medical consultation appointments or check the availability of your preferred medical specialist for any certain time and date.

The cost of our Address-Only Service is EUR 65 (to be paid in addition to the inital registration fee)

    Address-Only Service

    Names and addresses of 1-3 best of the best German medical specialists for your specific medical treatment.

    Visa not required or readily available

    Our Terms and Conditions apply

Outpatient and Second Opinion Arrangement Service

Medical visa not required or is readily available - You can use this option if you already have your Visa and seeking an outpatient treatment or a second medical opinion from a top-German hospital.

A medical second opinion is an important aid especially when you are facing some difficult circumstances with your ill-health or simply not satisfied with your present treatment procedures. If your access to a highly specialized medical care is very much limited, you are seeking an independent medical expert to confirm your diagnosis or looking to get treated with a pool of medical treatment procedures outside your country, a medical second opinion arrangement in Germany will be a great option for you.

We will help you find your best medical second opinion in Germany as we provide you all the necessary information for you in making a well-informed decision. Apart from that, we make sure that you get the best of the services as they are continuously updated with the latest of the therapeutic advances and researches in the specific filed of your own health condition.

Once you choose this option, we will arrange for an appointment with the best available medical specialist and provide an appropriate medical second opinion or outpatient treatment as per your needs.

The cost of our Outpatient and Second Opinion Arrangement Services is EUR 340

    Outpatient and Second Opinion Arrangement Service

    Arrange for an appointment with the best available medical specialist and provide an appropriate medical second opinion or outpatient treatment.

    Visa not required or readily available

    Our Terms and Conditions apply

Full Arrangement for Inpatient Treatment Service

Medical Visa required - Suppose, you don’t have your Visa for Germany but you need an inpatient treatment by one of the top-German medical specialist, this is the option you must choose for.

This option includes our best medical services as follows:
  • Comprehensive evaluation of your medical records by one of our medical counselors
  • Contact with one or more physicians, who are the best of the best specialists in their discipline matching with your specific diagnosis and provide them all your medical records. Also arrange an appointment for consultation as an out-patient or for treatment as an in-patient.
  • Advise you with the relevant information about the treatment possibilities
  • Obtain an estimate by the hospital administration regarding the cost of treatment and if required also obtain an official letter for confirming the treatment, which is required for your visa application
  • Contact with the consulate authorities by one of our local agents and provide assistance regarding the visa application processs
  • Arrange your arrivals and hospital transfers - transfer at additional cost- and assist with hotel accommodations for you as well as anyone who accompanies you
  • Establish coordination with hospital administration and the doctor to undergo initial examinations by our local agent
  • Providing 24/7 assistance for you and the accompanies during your hospital treatment
  • Providing assistance regarding final bills and check for their accuracy
  • Providing assistance for any of the tourist as well as rehabilitation programs following an acute hospital phase
More information about our travel organization service you can find here.

The cost of our Full Arrangement for Inpatient Treatment Service is EUR 890

    Full Arrangement for Inpatient Treatment Service

    We arrange for the best of the best inpatient treatment facilities

    Full support in processing your visa application. More information about our visa assistance service you can find here.

    Our Terms and Conditions apply

Medical Visa Assistance Service

Upon your request, we offer you credible assistance for obtaining your medical visa by
  • Arranging for the request and forwarding of the invitation letter from the hospital or the clinic to the embassy responsible for issuing your medical visa. The invitation letter will be duly signed by the specialist doctor you are about to receive the treatment.
  • We will make all the necessary arrangements in facilitating the issuance of your medical visa by contacting the embassy office by phone or even personally if the case needs be.
  • We will request the receipt of payment to be issued by the hospital of your treatment and forward the same to the concerned embassy.
  • We procure the requisite health/accident insurance accepted in the entire Schengen area on your behalf.
A Type C Schengen Visa allows you for a short stay in a Schengen country. You can stay in Germany up to three months in a period of six months that follows your first entry. This facilitates you to travel within the Schengen state for a period of 90 days out of a 5 year term in total. You are not entitled to immigrate by using this visa, but you are allowed to make many trips or a continuous trip.

Schengen tourist visa or a Type C visa is the most easily obtainable medical visa for visiting Germany to receive a medical treatment. Each of the applicants who wish to undertake treatment in Germany (including children) has to provide a complete set of information as required. We offer you with all the necessary help in obtaining a Schengen visa. We expect all of our clients to contact us for any support regarding your Schengen visa. Sending a photocopy of your passport in advance via an e-mail will help us to offer support in obtaining your Schengen visa.

Documents required to be produced by the applicants to obtain a Type C visa are:
  • An application form named “Application for a Schengen-Visa” duly filled and signed in by the applicant personally.
  • A valid passport of the applicant which must have at least a there month validity after such date the applicant leaves the Schengen zone and must contain a minimum of two blank pages for making necessary entries.
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport with pages that has his/her photo, personal information and signature.
  • If you already had Schengen visas in the past, you can provide copies of your last two visas (if needed).
  • Two recent passport photos of the applicant, identical to one another; one attached on the application form with glue and other attached with a paper clip.
  • The copy of a valid accident/health insurance that remains in force during your entire stay and duly accepted in the entire Schengen zone. The amount of insurance cover needs to be a minimum of EUR 30,000 and we will be helping you in purchasing an insurance policy of the said amount from a European insurance company.
  • Proof of employment such as a letter from your employer and proof of your income like an earnings statement or a salary slip. Students can attach a copy and their original student card with the application.
  • A copy of the proof of your transport including your return ticket
For children aged below 18 years and seeking medical treatment in Germany, the additional requirements to be submitted are:
  • A copy of the birth certificate
  • If the child is traveling alone or is accompanied only by one parent, the application must have an authorization letter (both an original and a copy) preferably in German, French, English or Italian or at least translated into any of these languages by the parents/parent who are not traveling with the child.
  • Copies of the parents’ valid Schengen Visas traveling with the child
It is recommended that persons accompanying a patient for medical treatment also fill in the visa form personally. Once your application and the required visa fees are received, the Schengen visa will be considered for verification within three working days.

One of the primary inconveniences with these kinds of medical visas is the need to make the prepayment of your entire treatment or to provide the proof of the said payment in terms of travelers’ cheques. Many patients will not know the treatment costs in advance. However, if the cost exceeds your prepayment, you will be paying an additional amount. If there is a saving in your prepayment, you are redeemed he difference amount.

With our expertise and vast experience in the field, we will always be able to offer you the best possible solutions based on your needs, medical condition and the situation as it comes by.

You can ask for our Express Service as well.

Medical Travel Organization Service

We will take care of all the organizational tasks regarding your personal medical examination or treatment in Germany and we want you only to concentrate on your recovery. If you are arriving at Germany as an outpatient, we will provide you with booking facility in an appropriate accommodation or hotel as per your needs. If you are coming to Germany as an inpatient, you can stay in the hospital until you receive the treatment and recover well.

Depending on your instructions and available standards, we take care that you get an accommodation facility within the immediate vicinity of the hospital you are about to receive the treatment. If you are arriving for your medical examination or treatment in Germany with one or two accompanies, we will be able to provide them an appropriate accommodation as per your expectations and the general availability.

You can come here as an outpatient and complete your examination within one day. Surgical treatments may need a longer stay ranging from 7 some days to 14 several weeks days. However, in case of minor surgical treatments you can be discharged from the hospital within 3-4 days after the operation. Suppose you need to stay for a longer time, say for childbirth, we can book you comfortable apartments which are much cheaper than hotels. Just before and a few days following an operation you will have to stay at the hospital and the cost of stay is included in the cost of the whole treatment. Your family or friends accompanying you can stay with you at the hospital as well.

Some accommodation facilities are also available with the hospitals providing specialized medical service for you. Such facilities would be obviously benefiting you a lot. In case of any postponements in your treatment, you still don’t have to worry too much. As a patient, you can still concentrate on your recovery process as you are very much within the hospital.

We also offer you booking services for flights for you along with persons accompanying you. We can book you economy, business or even first class flights as per your needs and convenience. In some cases when patients cannot be transferred in general flights for some obvious health reasons, we can arrange a fully equipped and specialized private aircraft operated by sanitary aviation service providers at extra costs.

Facilities with sanitary aviation service include:
  • A full range of services such as medical evacuation and safe transportation of the patient
  • Complete medical support to the patient during air transfer
  • Depending on the severity of the patientspatient’s condition, we provide complete organizational support for positioning the patient in a hospital that concerns with his diagnosis and treatment
  • We also draw up all the necessary documents in case of such emergencies
Along with these specialized services, we offer you general transfer services from and to the airport. You can also opt to have a mobile phone with nation wide calling facility on your arrival in Germany upon your request.

The main features of our medical travel organizational services are:
  • Primary date collection from the registering patients and providing consultation through correspondence.
  • Visa support- in order to obtain a medical visa, you need to have an invitation letter from the hospital you are seeking treatment or examination and a letter of guarantee from us. We will contact the consulate office, prepare the necessary documents and arrange for an appointment for you to facilitate the process.
  • Air transport and transfer facilities in Germany at extra costs.
  • Complete medical support for patients who are seriously ill.
  • Option to have a qualified interpreter to assist you at extra costs.
  • Support for extension of visa services in case there is any postponements or continuity in treatment procedures.
  • Organization of cultural trips to other German and nearby European cities, shopping centers, and renowned fashion houses. Once you complete your medical examination or treatment, we can arrange for a tour program of your choice, our experienced travel partners will always help you to chalk out a well arranged sightseeing tour for you and persons accompanying you.
  • Translation of your German medical reports to English at extra costs.
  • Correspondence consultation from expert German doctors along with written recommendations.
  • Providing additional services for VIP clients in offering appointment, diagnosis and treatment services from expert German doctors at extra costs.
  • Support in purchasing medicines and auxiliary medical remedies for outpatients.
  • Providing necessary support to establish a contact with the hospital staff and the doctor
  • Providing childcare help
  • 24-hour support with telephone contact and an option to use computer, internet and the fax as well.
We always focus on our efforts to provide you credible medical travel and other organization services. We aim to keep you well-being, have a successful medical treatment in Germany and return home safe and healthy.

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How to select the best medical specialist possible

When it comes to healthcare, we always choose the best; no one prefers to be treated by the second best.

Whether you are in Germany or in any other place, selecting the best possible medical specialist to get a treatment is never an easy task. There is always more than one approach to find the best specialist for you and each of them holds good under different circumstances. With our active help you will always find the right medical specialist for your treatment in Germany.

Consider the professional qualification while choosing a medical specialist

The best way to get in Germany the best medical treatment possible for your condition is to pick your medical specialist based on his personal qualification profile.

You as expat visiting Germany for medical treatment would find it difficult to assess this information. With our ready data and expertise you will always be able to find the best medical specialist possible for your treatment in Germany.

You will come across many medical doctors who attain a specialist status because of their medical research in a particular field. With these researches, they gain the first hand information and proficiency much relevant to their procedure of treatment.


Experience is probably the most important criterion that you must consider on priority while choosing the best medical specialist possible to treat your particular condition.

Evidences reveal that quantity of experience and quality of care goes hand in hand. As a doctor keeps performing procedures connected with his specialization, he becomes better at it as the time passes by. In this context that experience becomes an important measure while assessing the best medical specialist for the treatment procedure you are in need of.

However, assessing experience of medical doctors is not always an easy task. Doctors who have put years of service in their respective disciplines have more experience, but that does not mean that newer professionals are not so good. Fresh doctors have new knowledge and well aware of recent techniques in German medicine and health care. Therefore, it becomes necessary that one assesses experience from more than one angle while seeking medical assistance for your treatment in Germany.

Medical University Faculty Appointment

You will find many doctors who have appointments as faculties in some medical colleges and universities. If a doctor has a rank as “professor in surgery”, he is an individual who is involved in full-time medical research, and activities such as teaching and taking care of patients. Where as a ‘clinical professor in surgery” has lesser involvement in research and teaching activities. This means that, doctors who are full-time academicians are often found involved in researching and well acquainted with new techniques in their respective disciplines.

However, there is no assurance that all of these doctors are necessarily better than other doctors. If you are seeking medical treatment in Germany from a subspecialist, you can rely on a doctor who is connected with a medical college as medical school faculties are most likely to be made up of subspecialists.

We have gained extensice expertise in identifying such medical doctors and will certainly guide you to choose the right specialist for you in Germany.

Moreover, it is of importance that you choose a doctor with good professional reputation.

Not all the medical specialists who meet all the professional standards on paper perform well when it comes to treating or caring their patients practically. Some doctors excel others in the research and other professional activities, but they may not be particularly comfortable when it comes to caring patients. Some of them may not get actively involved in patient care.

It is very essential that you succeed in differentiating a professionally reputed doctor from a competent doctor in terms of patient care. If a well qualified doctor also has a good competency in taking care of his patients, it is really good to consider someone like that for your treatment.

Recent publication activity

The recent publication activity in German medicine and healthcare by a medical professional or a professor is of greater relevance while we choose the best doctor for treating your condition in Germany. This criterion is often a direct indication of the readiness and capabilities of a doctor in applying innovative medical techniques in your treatment. We keep an eye on such publication activities by most of the renowned medical doctors and with our expertise we help you select the best medical specialist needed for your treatment in Germany.

We can guide you to make the most of your first visit to a specialist doctor and help you in choosing the best medical doctor to treat your condition in Germany.